Romelu Lukaku Refuses New Contract: Why Tottenham Should Sign Him

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - MARCH 11: Romelu Lukaku arrives before the Premier League match between Everton and West Bromwich Albion at Goodison Park on March 11, 2017 in Liverpool, England. (Photo by Tony McArdle/Everton FC via Getty Images)

Romelu Lukaku has rejected the latest attempt to sign a new contract at Everton this week. However, Sky Sports reports that negotiations will continue on.

Romelu Lukaku Refuses New Contract: Why Tottenham Should Sign Him

But, if Lukaku is ready to leave Everton, Tottenham should certainly aim to sign him. Spurs have been short of striker depth for many years. Currently joint top-scorer in the Premier League with Harry Kane, Lukaku could help add to the goal tally and help Kane to score even more. However, this may limit Vincent Janssen’s chances, as well as Heung-Min Son’s also.

Is this simply a poor transfer mistaken for a dream?

Assistance for Kane

There is no doubt that Lukaku can score goals. He has already achieved Everton’s record for 19 Premier League goals in one season. This kind of prolific goalscorer is exactly what Spurs need to help ease the burden on Harry Kane.

Firstly, Lukaku could provide excellent cover for Kane if injured. The current injury to Kane poses a massive risk to Tottenham’s trophy chances this season. However, by signing Lukaku, Spurs would be able to cover for such injuries. In the long term, this could be the difference between winning cups or falling just short.

Secondly, Lukaku and Kane together could prove to be a deadly partnership. Sometimes, Kane can be man-marked out of the match. However, if defenders have to keep tabs on two prolific goalscorers, it will be more difficult to do this. In short, Spurs could be scoring goals all day long with this potential partnership.

Janssen to go?

A downfall to this transfer is that Janssen’s gametime may have be to sacrificed. He recently scored his first goal from open play. He is becoming ever more like Roberto Soldado. However, the key difference is that he is still a young player.

The 22-year-old has plenty of time and room to improve his overall game. Thus, the transfer of Lukaku may prevent this growth. To avoid this, Spurs could loan him out to a Premier League club to develop him further. However, they must avoid leaving him on the bench with only a few cameo appearances.

This can be detrimental to both the player and the club’s progress. If Janssen isn’t given the full chance to develop, he can’t score goals and help his club to win silverware.

Son’s chance to shine

Son’s place in the first team also is threatened by a move for Romelu Lukaku. He usually covers for the injured Kane, as he did to great effect with his first Tottenham hat-trick against Millwall. However, it is still arguable that he plays better in wide positions.

Son is naturally a wide forward that cuts inside to cause damage. Thus, Lukaku’s arrival may actually help to bolster his performances. Like Kane, Lukaku can play as the target-man and help bring in players like Son from the wing. The Belgian striker would be able to keep defenders occupied in the penalty area, so that Son can work his magic cutting inside.

Son has scored many goals cutting in from a wide position, before finishing emphatically. Lukaku may be able to help him score even more.


Lukaku may well sign a new contract with Everton yet. Or, he could leave and choose a club other than Spurs as his destination. However, if Spurs can sign him, he will be a quality transfer.

Not only will he back up Kane, but he can bring out the best in him and also Son. Janssen may suffer as a result, but if loaned to a solid Premier League team, he can develop his game elsewhere.

Overall, Spurs should aim to sign Romelu Lukaku if he does becomes available.

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