Arsene Wenger Post-Match: “The goal was a gem to watch”

LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 16: Mesut Ozil scores a goal for Arsenal during the Premier League match between Arsenal and Newcastle United at Emirates Stadium on December 16, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by David Price/Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

Arsene Wenger Post-Match

Following Arsenal’s narrow one-goal win at home against Newcastle, Arsene Wenger addressed several talking points.

A Win out of Necessity

Anyone who watched the full 90 minutes will recognise a period of about 15 minutes deep into the second half when Newcastle looked poised to level. They didn’t, but Arsenal’s back four were pressed into action.

AW: “You could see the necessity to win was playing a little bit on the mind of our players.”

Arsenal have certainly been under pressure. Not having found a way to tilt the score in their favour against Southampton last weekend and then losing a couple of points midweek against West Ham, the club were desperate for three points. Opening up in seventh position entering the weekend, a win was needed to stay in close enough contact with Tottenham, Liverpool, Chelsea, and the surprising Burnley.

A Hectic Schedule

In fact, the very hectic schedule was also on Wenger’s mind.

AW: “We had three games in six days, playing Sunday-Wednesday-Saturday. And you know in the last one you can be a little soft.”

Arsenal weren’t soft in this match per se, but they were also far from emphatic. With 71% possession and 23 shots, only five were on goal. The characterisitic Wenger-style of offence of sharp passing and smooth link-up play was on full display Saturday afternoon. But with what result? A single goal, ableit a brilliant display of football skill, was all that separated the club where it mattered most.

The Gem of a Goal

The club got the three points it needed, but it was far from decisive. And “that” goal from Mesut Özil? Wenger described it as a “gem of a goal… he took it with decisiveness and it was a fantastic goal.” We tend to agree.

It was an important win, especially with Tottenaham having lost to Manchester City. It creates momentum, and the club can stand with a little more of that.

AW: “You know how it is, how quickly you are in a crisis nowadays. And we had two away games and two draws it can happen. Against Man United we had a quality performance but just couldn’t win the game so it was good to win the game today.”

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