Sunderland's Jack Rodwell
SCUNTHORPE, ENGLAND - AUGUST 29: Jack Rodwell of Sunderland during the Checkertrade Trophy group stage match at Glanford Park on August 29, 2017 in Scunthorpe, England. (Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images)

Sunderland’s Jack Rodwell is a highly paid footballer, however, he wishes to leave and is unwilling to play for the club again. Due to his high wages and his high absence rate from the first team, the Black Cats have offered to “rip up his £70k a week contract” to allow him to leave for free and find a new club. Rodwell is unwilling to do this even though he is unlikely to play for the club again.

Time to Leave for Sunderland’s Jack Rodwell

Early Promise

Rodwell’s career started brightly. He made his debut for Everton aged just 16 and went on to make over 100 appearances for the Toffees. He also earned his first England caps while on Merseyside side making many believe that England had a star midfielder in the making.

It was his form for both club and country that made other clubs take notice and in 2012 Manchester City, on the lookout for young English players, came calling. A deal worth up to £15 million for Everton and £70,000 per week for Rodwell was soon agreed and the player was off to to the blue half of Manchester.

Instead of his career moving forward, it went backwards. In two seasons at City, he amassed just 16 appearances and added just one more England Cap to his collection. A combination of injuries, inconsistent form and management changes meant his time in Manchester was a far from happy one. However, he was still young and with another chance and a bit of luck, his early promise could still be fulfilled.

A failed chance

With Sunderland looking to improve their squad, they took a chance on a midfielder that with a bit of luck and a run of games could prove to be a good signing. Rodwell cost the Black Cats £10 million in the summer of 2014. However, this like several other signings Sunderland have made for big money, it did not work out as planned.

Before their relegation to the Championship last year, Sunderland’s Jack Rodwell was involved in just one victory in which he began the game. This victory at Crystal Palace came almost three years and 37 starts since he signed for the club.

Relegation but no clause

When Sunderland were finally relegated last season, it was obvious that the wage bill would have to be reduced. Various players on high wages left the club; however, Rodwell, due to his poor form and injuries, was not a player that the club could offload with any ease. Also, when Sunderland signed the midfielder, no clause was put into his contract that would decrease his wages should the club be relegated during his time with them. While many had their wages cut and rightly so, Rodwell, through no fault of his own, continued to collect top Premier League wages.

If Sunderland’s Jack Rodwell was playing to a Premier League standard and also playing in a high percentage of games (he has played in just three games so far this season), then maybe his wages would not be a big an issue as they currently are. With the team struggling for points and money, his wages could bring in two or three new players that would play week in week out. They may also offer more to the side than Rodwell currently does.

Sunderland offer to cancel contract

The Black Cats, knowing that cash for new players was an issue and that the midfielder was not featuring for the team, offered to rip up his contract in order to free up some much-needed revenue and also so that the former England player could look for a new club and rebuild a career that once promised so much. The move to the Stadium of Light has not worked out for either party and this was a chance for them to part ways for the best of both. Sunderland’s Jack Rodwell declined the offer.

THAT interview

Soon after, Rodwell was interviewed for a national newspaper where he openly discussed his situation. In the interview, he discussed how he was now as fit as he had ever been even though he has hardly played this season. He has struggled to get a place in a squad that is struggling at the wrong end of the Championship. He also feels he is a Premier League player and can still play for his country.

The midfielder went on to say that he will not walk away from his contract as he does not want to be left jobless. If he is as good as he believes then he would not remain jobless for long. Unless there are doubts in his own mind about his ability. He also said that his decision is not about money. If this was the case would it not be easier to walk away from a club where it has not worked out for both parties, start afresh elsewhere and prove that you are the Premier League and International footballer you promised to be and feel you still are?

Not his fault

Not one person could blame Rodwell for signing the contract that was put before him. Sunderland made a strange decision not to insert a relegation clause and it has come back to haunt them. However, mistakes are made in life and this has been one. Both Sunderland and Rodwell have the chance here to move on. Sunderland from their mistake and to ensure Championship survival. Rodwell to rebuild a career that promised so much. He is still young and could yet be the player he believes he is.


With his reluctance to move before a new club is found it came as a relief when Dutch side Vitesse Arnhem agreed to take him on trial. The trial came to nothing due to “organisational issues”.

With the transfer window about to close, it looks highly unlikely that Rodwell will be leaving unless an agreement can be made about his contract.

Future is elsewhere

It is obvious that Rodwell’s future is away from Sunderland. He has hardly featured this season, could not get into the matchday squad when fit. He also insists he does not want to play for the club. Manager Chris Coleman was blunt when asked about the situation, “He told me he doesn’t want to play at Sunderland, doesn’t want to be here. That’s that. It won’t help me, us, tomorrow, I concentrate on the players we have got and have a crack. Your Jack Rodwell’s who don’t want to be here, they can’t help our situation. The other boys who want to be here, they are the ones that will help us.”

This could be a simple issue to sort for all included if it is done quickly. However, this could drag on to at least the summer, maybe the entire 18 months Sunderland’s Jack Rodwell has left on his contract.

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