Frank de Boer Responds to Jose Mourinho’s Comments

In case you were under a rock or stranded on an island without an internet connection, there is no way you could’ve missed the exchange between Frank de Boer and Jose Mourinho in the past week.

Frank de Boer Responds to Jose Mourinho

It all started when Frank de Boer aimed his crosshairs on Mourinho during a discussion about Marcus Rashford on BT Sport three days ago:

“It’s a pity the manager is Mourinho because normally he’s an English player you want to give him time and he can then make mistakes. But Mourinho is not like that, he wants to get results. If he has one or two not good games, he puts him out. He’s very young, he needs games, he’s so talented. You want to see this player every week” said the former Crystal Palace Manager.

While he might not have meant any offence to the Manchester United manager and might have even praised him indirectly for his winning mentality, Mourinho certainly took it the wrong way.

Jose Mourinho’s Response

The Dutchman’s comments certainly struck the wrong strings with Mourinho. In his pre-match conference against Sevilla, he went all guns blazing on the former Palace manager, who holds the worst managerial record in the Premier League’s history:

“I read something, some quote from the worst manager in the history of the Premier League – Frank de Boer. What he was saying was not good for Marcus Rashford to have a coach like me, because the most important thing for me is to win,” said the United manager, calmly, before the storm arrived.

He further added: “If he was coached by Frank he would lose because he lost every game. I try to give the best to the kid. I have to be honest and give the credit to the people of the academy that was responsible for his formation, to Louis van Gaal [Mourinho’s predecessor] who was responsible for his first season. But if you go to his numbers and how many matches he played with me last season and this, I would say probably he’s in the top five players with most matches in the two seasons.”

Frank de Boer’s Response

Social media erupted after hearing Jose’s comments. It seemed like the saga had ended as Mourinho bluntly put Frank de Boer back in his place.

But, in an attempt to calm everyone down and maybe even to play the nice guy, de Boer has responded to Jose’s comments while speaking to the Dutch news outlet Algemeen Dagblad:

“I have a lot of respect for Mourinho.

“He has won many trophies and tactically he is very good at disrupting the opponent’s game. I can learn a lot from him”

This has to be the final turn that this saga between the two very contrasting managers takes. Frank de Boer has fought Mourinho’s fire with ice in an attempt to calm things down as he tries to bring an end to this distasteful exchange.


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