Re-Signing Aaron Ramsey Should be Top Priority

Aaron Ramsey
LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 15: Aaron Ramsey of Arsenal applauds the fans after victory in the UEFA Europa League Round of 16 Second Leg match between Arsenal and AC Milan at Emirates Stadium on March 15, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

Aaron Ramsey’s contract is set to expire next summer. His contributions to the team over the years means his importance has never been greater. Arsenal need to renew the Welshman’s contract.

Aaron Ramsey’s Contract Priority Number One

Crucial Goals

There are some athletes in world football who just have a knack for coming up clutch in key moments. Sergio Ramos is probably the player that comes to mind for most people. Meanwhile, for Arsenal fans, the first player that comes to mind is likely to be Aaron Ramsey. Obviously, Ramsey hasn’t scored multiple goals in Champions League finals, or even won a league title for that matter. However, his achievements for Arsenal surpasses those of big-name players that have come and gone at Arsenal in the past. Scoring the goal to win a trophy as prestigious as the FA Cup would be a highlight in any players career. But to do it twice? Well, that is an achievement that is certainly unheard of.

Highly Impressive Goal Involvements

Ramsey has always been relatively underrated throughout his career, yet his injury record is likely the reason for this. It seems that right when he hits a patch of form, he breaks down with an injury and is forced to spend some time on the sidelines. This has been evident this season, as the Welshman has missed significant time through injury. Despite this, he has put up quite impressive numbers and has been among the Gunners’ top performers this season. 17 goal involvements in 24 matches this season from midfield is genuinely jaw-dropping. It’s even more impressive when you realize that it adds up to approximately one goal involvement every 101 minutes, an astronomical figure for a central midfielder.

Top Clubs Lurking

As the 2017-18 season winds down, many intrigued eyes have spotted Aaron Ramsey’s contract situation with Arsenal. His current deal expires on July 1st, 2019, which means that he has just the one season left on his current deal. Arsenal owe a lot to Ramsey, due to his contributions the club in recent years. There are plenty of top clubs in European football that craving a figure like Ramsey in their XI. Most notably Juventus, Real Madrid, and Chelsea are missing a midfielder that can contribute in the final third. These clubs may very well be eyeing Ramsey to fill that hole. Players of Ramsey’s mould are so rare in world football, and it would be foolish of Arsene Wenger to let him go easily.

Mesut Özil recently signed a new contract worth a whopping £350k per week. Although it’s excellent business from Arsenal to keep a world-class footballer like Özil in their ranks, the hefty wages they gave him will likely cause the rest of the squad to look for better wages in the near future. There’s a good chance that Ramsey will be one of these players.
Keeping Ramsey at the club should be the top priority, although it won’t be easy. He’s been a core figure at the club for nearly a decade now and is certainly fit to wear the armband.
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