Football betting is part of the beautiful game

Passion, excitement, heartache, and glory: these four emotions are an integral part of football. It’s only natural that we seek ways of increasing them. More risk, more reward. Football betting is a divisive subject for many, but there is no denying that it raises the stakes and can add the final bit of spice to pulsating affairs.

We’ve seen clubs embracing gambling. The number of clubs sponsored by betting companies is increasing all the time.

Football betting adds to the excitement of football

Ray Winstone’s floating head, whatever your thoughts on him, is now almost as recognisable as Cristiano Ronaldo carrying Real Madrid to a Champions League final. Many top personalities within the sport have followed suit and become representatives of betting companies. The association between the beautiful game and gambling is stronger now more than ever.

Anyone who has dared flutter some money on a friendly bet will know the thrill of victory. The doubts and nerves fill your veins. Beads of sweat build on your forehead. The adrenaline rush of that late, late victory. For a time at least, you can bask in glory.

Today’s football betting markets are as diverse as they’ve ever been. Recent years have seen the introduction of in-play betting and cash-out features, making bets more and more interactive. With the mammoth number of markets available, it’s easy to see why people are more willing to part with their hard-earned money. Don’t fancy Bayern Munich to win the Champions League this season? Why not bet on the number of corners that Roma get against Liverpool instead?

In allowing people to bet so freely on games, it increases the interest that individuals hold. This means that even the most boring games can be cranked up and turned into memorable matches.

More accessible and more responsible

Crystal Palace have recently taken steps to promote responsible gambling and more clubs are expected to follow suit. These measures would not be taken if football clubs did not see a bright future with companies such as Bet365, Ladbrokes and more.

Many gambling websites have now got mobile apps to allow seamless betting on the go. Whether you’re at a game, on the train, or even attending a wedding, the ability to bet is in the palm of your hand. But which app is the best? How can you get started? There are many of the best football apps available. These apps are handily reviewed and explained, allowing everyone to find exactly the right one for them to use.

The beautiful game has evolved many times before and this is just the latest stage in a colourful history.

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