Pochettino “I don’t know if the club will agree with me or not”

Pochettino v after Spurs v Leicester
Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino gave celebrating Spurs fans food for thought in the press conference following the nine-goal thriller against Leicester at Wembley.

Whilst there was no suggestion he has any intention of leaving Spurs, Pochettino spoke candidly if somewhat cryptically of where he thought Spurs should be going. Claiming that he needed to speak to Daniel Levy.

When asked what improvements will made if any for the next season will be made, he ambiguously answered;

“That point is good to talk a little bit now in between us and the club. I think I have very clear ideas of what we need to do. I don’t know if the club will agree with me or not. “

It’s now or never.

Most Spurs fans and anyone associated with the club would have assumed those conversations had already taken place. Pochettino has never publicly questioned or indeed spoken of Levy’s direction or their relationship. The fact that he has, and following a spectacular season-end clash and third place is worrying. Or at the very least a little unnerving.

He added “We are going to talk next week to create the new project. What I think we need to do together again to try again to improve. That is a little bit up to Daniel Levy of course for the club to agree with us.”

Following such an an epic end to their interim season at Wembley, finishing third with a flourish, the words were largely unexpected. Therefore understandably open to interpretation. Monday morning saw fans, pundits and ex- players taking to social media.

Despite painful losses to Juventus in the Champions League and Manchester United, there’s been surge of optimism with the new stadium opening. Finishing in the top three in as many years, and a respectable Champions League challenge. Simply, Spurs have their best team for a very long time, albeit a work -in-progress.

Pochettino the best weapon in Spurs’ Arsenal?

More significantly, with an entrusted and adored manager. A manager, who, with the right tools, could echo the success of the one that has just departed the other North London side. Something which Tottenham have lacked for many years.

Failure for the club to take the next step, allowing Pochettino to continue to build, will send them back to 2014 when the Argentinian arrived. Only this time having been agonisingly in the grip of success, finally.

From that conference the whole wage structure argument will increase its volume and relevance Spurs fans expected it to. Largely due to the Toby Alderweireld situation. They were not expecting Pochettino to wade in. Or did he? That can only be answered by Daniel Levy.

If, as the words suggest, there could be any question of Mauricio Pochettino not leading the team for the first match in the their new arena, Daniel Levy may find it half empty.

“Being brave is the most important, and to take risks.”

Then, almost mirroring manner of the game Pochettino smiled and said “I think Daniel is going to listen to me. But you know me and sometimes I have some crazy ideas. In this type of situation, with a club with our unbelievable fans, being brave is the most important, and to take risks.”

His words have unexpectedly overshadowed the remarkable game that had just taken place. An end to end thriller which will be remembered for its equal measure of excellent scoring and poor defending.

Nonetheless, Spurs fought back from being two goals down to snatch victory from Leicester and third place from Liverpool. Fans finishing concerns we’re washed away with Sunday’s win. Now though they face a new and unexpected anxiety.

Now, and over the next few weeks, worries about losing key players will be give way to fear a backward slide. Players and fans will be praying that Daniel Levy will listen to his General. Giving him the ammunition he needs to really move Spurs to the next level is paramount. Anything less will see a giant step back into the shadows of the top six. A place they have been for so, so long.

Pochettino’s departure will snap the fans’ patience with their Chairman and owners. Unless Levy wants a “Wenger Out” style venomous attack and campaign, he will have to dig deep. Now.



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