Spurs Supporters Trust Urge Fans to Stay Away from Stadium MK

Stadium MK to host Spurs’ Carabao Cup Tie
MILTON KEYNES, ENGLAND - AUGUST 14: A general view of Stadium MK prior to the Carabao Cup First Round match between Milton Keynes Dons and Charlton Athletic at Stadium MK on August 14, 2018 in Milton Keynes, England. (Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images)

With Spurs’ new stadium not ready until October 2018 at the earliest, Wembley has become their new home for now. However, after Spurs were drawn at ‘home’ in the third round of the Carabao cup, special dispensation has been asked for the tie to be played at Stadium MK. Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust work hard on behalf of the Spurs fans to make sure their voice is heard by the club. The news of the tie being moved to a third home has not gone down well with some fans. The Spurs Supporters Trust have urged fans to stay away from the tie if it is confirmed as the venue.

Stay Away from Cup Tie at Stadium MK: Spurs Supporters Trust Urge Fans

The history of MK Dons and the views of AFC Wimbledon have been cited by the trust as reasons for fans to ‘stay away.’ Spurs fans were asked in a survey about the prospect of playing at a third venue and the vote was slightly in favour of this as long as it was within the M25 corridor. The THST has a good realtionship with their ‘friends at AFC Wimbledon’ and have said that should the tie go ahead, the Trust will not be attending the match.

Home Tie for Dele Alli

If the game does take place at Stadium MK, it would mean a possible return home for Dele Alli. Spurs captured Alli from MK Dons for a mere £5 million as fans often remind opposing fans. Supporters of the Milton Keynes club would surely relish seeing their former player come back to play at his old ground.

Cup Magic?

The issues with Spurs new stadium are not surprising considering the size of the project but a third home does seem excessive for one club in one season.

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You can read the full statement from the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters trust here:


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  1. Seriously? Like the team is responsible for construction delays. Shit happens. Grow up and get over it.

    You morons act like it had been some master plan to purposely inconvenience everybody.

    It’s not ideal. Nobody, including the club management, is happy about it. But it’s life and it happens.

    Shut up and support the team or go follow the gooners.

  2. How in gods name can a SUPPORTERS group ask fans to stay away from a cup tie, how is that for the good of the club or supporters?
    THST need to take a long hard look at themselves as it seems to be run by fans not supporters, fans who have a strong dislike for the club, coaching team and players.

  3. Spurs playing at a 3rd ground is absolutely ridiculous. If Wembley is our home ground till new stadium is ready then let us play there. Why was it ok for us to play home matches last year in cup games at out home ground but this year we can’t!!! It’s crazy all this it talk it unfair bla bla now we did it last year let us do it this year…..I do understand if other events have been scheduled.at Wembley but to just say we play at MK ground is MAD it is not easier ground to get to it ain’t close to train station and not even walking distance so train and taxi ride it is….
    LET SPURS PLAY AT OUR HOME GROUND AKA Wembley it’s not football association that loses out it us the fans!!!!

  4. “Supporters of the Milton Keynes club would surely relish seeing their former player come back to play against them”. Are you sure that Spurs are playing against MK?


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