REPORT: Paul Pogba Lured By Massive Offer

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Manchester United have reportedly been offered a massive deal in exchange for Paul Pogba. Juventus have been highly linked with the Frenchman and are seemingly eager to bring him to Italy. But this is just another Pogba rumour in a long line, how likely is this one to actually happen?

REPORT: Paul Pogba Lured by Massive Offer

Juventus Desperate to Sign Paul Pogba

The Bianconeri have experienced countless problems in their midfield this season. Players that normally shine have been average and inconsistent. This has affected Juve in all areas of the pitch, turning into a massive problem.

Juventus are home to some of the best attackers in the world, such as Paulo Dybala and Cristiano Ronaldo. However, because of the lack of midfield creativity, they have been cut-off from the rest of the field, not being able to reach their full potential. Furthermore, they are not given any support so their burden is too heavy, and the team is too heavily relying on their displays of individual brilliance.

Pogba would be the perfect solution to this problem, which is why the black and whites are so eager to bring him to Turin.

While there are many conflicting reports on Pogba’s future, many suggest that he would be excited at a move back to Juventus. He enjoyed a successful tenure there before moving to Manchester United. The last couple of years have been unsuccessful at United, and even though it seems they are finally starting to turn around, Pogba is ready to move on.

The Offer

Signing Pogba is not a cheap goal, so the Old Lady will have to try and get a swap deal. According to Tuttosport, they have identified who they are willing to swap with.

This report explains that either Miralem Pjanic or Paulo Dybala will be offered to the Red Devils. Juventus also believe that an additional £55m along with one of these players will be enough to secure the deal.

Paulo Dybala

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Dybala moving to Manchester seems unlikely, Last summer he was also linked with a move to United, but the move fell through because the Argentinian was happy at Juventus. There is no reason for Dybala to change his mind this time through.

Miralem Pjanic

A Pjanic swap deal seems much more likely. Pjanic would be a direct replacement for Pogba, so a deal for him plus cash would almost be free money for United. Pjanic has experienced an unimpressive season at Juventus however, but he still has the potential to be a great player.

How Likely is This?

This is just one more in a long line of rumours regarding Pogba’s transfer situation. This begs the question: How likely is Pogba to leave Manchester United?

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been rebuilding Manchester United, and the current area under construction is the midfield. Bruno Fernandes was brought in during the winter, and he has been world-class. Other midfield players such as Mata and Fred have greatly improved recently. If Pogba were to stay, United would be overloaded with attacking midfielder options. However, this is a good dilemma to have and a Fernandes – Pogba partnership would be a sight to behold.

On the other hand, Solskjaer has been building a team based on keeping morale. When Mourinho was sacked, the problem was clear. Morale was low and Mourinho had lost the locker room. It was no secret that Pogba was not happy with Mourinho.

When Mourinho left many hoped to see Pogba finally flourish with the Reds, yet it seems that this has not happened and he still wants to leave. Solskjaer cannot sacrifice the quality of the team for one individual, so Pogba needs to go. With the amazing offer from Juventus, this seems likely to happen.

A likely scenario is that Pogba will leave in a swap deal with Miralem Pjanic. Juventus will have their midfield problems fixed, as will United. The Red Devils will receive a quality midfielder in Pjanic, who will likely develop into a great partner with Bruno Fernandes. Since it is a player plush cash deal, United will also pocket some extra money to be used to continue their rebuild.

This situation seems too good to be true from United’s perspective, so it is likely that the deal will go through and Pogba will leave for the Old Lady.

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  1. As far I am concerned Paul pogba was the worst buy ever he is an an ignorant idiot.fergue was right.Italy is not a strong league so yes he will be good there but u can have him.


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