Salomon Kalou Video Shows Him Breaking Covid-19 Rules

Salomon Kalou
BERLIN, GERMANY - FEBRUARY 25: Salomon Kalou of Hertha BSC during the training session at Schenckendorffplatz on February 25, 2020 in Berlin, Germany. (photo of City-Press GmbH via Getty Images)

Hertha Berlin striker Salomon Kalou has been videoed breaking the covid-19 restrictions currently in place in Germany.

Salomon Kalou Video Shows Him Breaking Covid-19 Rules

Controversial Video Causes Firestorm

On Monday, May 4, Salomon Kalou of Hertha BSC live-streamed himself entering the club’s training camp. The video shows Kalou and other players violating the prescribed distance and hygiene rules. The Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL) responded just a few hours later, tweeting that the incident is “unacceptable,” and adding that “there can be no tolerance” for Kalou’s actions. This video could potentially derail the DFL’s hopes that Germany’s state premiers will approve its plans to restart the Bundesliga behind closed doors on May 15. The Bundesliga would be the first of Europe’s top leagues to return.

Hertha BSC Has Suspended the Ivorian

Hertha BSC released a statement later yesterday arguing that “this was the failure of a single player,” not the club itself. The club has suspended the Ivorian from “training and game operations with immediate effect.” In an interview with Sport1, Kalou apologised for violating the DFL’s rules and appearing to not be taking the Covid-19 pandemic seriously. “I sincerely apologize: It was a big mistake! The people who know me know that I respect everyone and didn’t want to get anyone in trouble,” he explained.

Salomon Kalou Violated Multiple DFL Rules While Players Complained About Wage Cuts

In the controversial video, the former Chelsea and Ivory Coast star is seen shaking hands with Hertha’s Athletic Trainer Henrik Kuchno and fellow striker Vedad Ibišević, all while not keeping the required 1.5 metre distance between himself and others. The video continues on in the changing room, showing Kalou and Ibišević complaining about reductions in their wages. “Why are they lying to us? To me they took 11%,” Ibišević said, while Kalou waved his check in front of the camera. 

Kalou then leaves the changing room to see Physio David de Mel giving Hertha defender Jordan Torunarigha a coronavirus test. De Mel is heard urging Kalou to delete the video. “Sala please, delete the video,” De Mel said, and with good reason. DFL rules state that no more than two people can be in the testing room at once.The Ivorian violated distance regulations within the changing and testing room, and the hygiene regulations by shaking hands with two people.

The Bundesliga’s Planned Restart Could be in Danger

The controversial video comes at an inopportune time for the DFL. Germany’s state premier’s will decide on Wednesday, May 6, whether the Bundesliga’s proposed May 15 restart will go ahead. In a blanket test of 1,724 individuals from all of the first and second tier sides, ten players tested positive and were immediately quarantined. The positive results. As a result, Kalou’s video are raising questions as to whether the planned restart in May will be approved.

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