Antonio Cassano while at Parma

They Could Have Been One of Football’s Greatest: Antonio Cassano

Antonio Cassano was described as Roberto Baggio’s heir. He had the talent to be one of the greats; however, a lack of determination at times and his ability to get into trouble halted his progress several times.
Arsene Wenger

Where Does Arsène Wenger Rank In The Pantheon Of Arsenal Managers?

Now that Unai Emery has been appointed as his successor and the Arsène Wenger era at Arsenal is officially over, the all-important historical question can be asked: where does...

Higuain and Dybala Show That Argentina Are Not a One-Man Team

Mauricio Pochettino is probably the only Argentinian who shed tears as Spurs succumbed in the Champions League to Juventus, with the possible exception of ‘80s Spurs legends, Osvaldo Ardiles...

A Brief History of Arsenal in the League Cup Final

Arsenal may own the FA Cup, having won it a record 13 times, but their record in the League Cup is largely unimpressive. They have only ever won it...